Fort Meow

A physics-based tower defence / adventure game

You play as Nia, a small girl who is on vacation at her Grandparent's house. While in the attic you find an interesting looking journal written by your Grandfather. You decide to check it out and open to the first page...

Only to be interrupted by CATS! A whole bunch of them. Grandmother seems to have taken up cat collecting in the time you were last here!

You take decisive action and build a fort out of furniture to keep them at bay, while you try to decipher the mysterious stories within the book.

Swamp Witch

A semi-difficult roguelite where you play as a witch on a broomstick.

Developed for Ludum Dare 34 (Jam - Theme, Two Button Controls, Growing)

The Ghost of the Great Wizard has returned to haunt the Swamp. Brewing spells under the constant threat of attack from the Great Wizards' minions has turned into quite the annoyance for this little witch. Defeat the Wizard and return the Swamp to peace!

Controls while flying are the up and down arrows (two button controls!). All the rest can be navigated with the arrow keys and space bar.

Download (6.53mb)

Take My Machete

An arcade beat'em'up action game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Slice and dice your way through hordes of Aliens, as you search for the missing pieces of the puzzle!

Features: Story mode with 4 stages and 4 bosses, Endless mode, Unlockable trophies and assorted fun items for your "Den", Collectible pets!

Sealed & Secure

A narrative driven game about delivering mail

This is a short game I created over the last month for the latest Something Awful GameDev Challenge (VIII) The theme was "Subversive Edutainment - You will make a game that either teaches something that maybe shouldn't be taught, or, teaches something entirely different from what it proposes to teach."

My initial idea was to teach players how a postman delivers the daily mail, but then there ended up being another layer that I introduced that teaches something that probably shouldn't be taught as the "norm" when doing this job.

You play as a Postman in a small village, delivering mail and learning about the different characters.

Download (21mb)

Older Games

Games I made about 11+ years ago when people created freeware games mostly as a hobby. Will be updated with more if I can find download links to them.

Milber 2 (2003) - Action Platformer (Music by Josh Whelchel)
If it's crashing, try running in Windows XP compatibility mode.

Helicopter: The Game (2010) - Arcade type game. The controls and movement suck, so enjoy!

Download Milber 2 (3.5mb) Play Helicopter: The Game


I've been developing games and creating 2D/3D art for about 12 years now. I started in the Click Scene (a community focussed on game creation using software made by Clickteam) and progressed to work at a few studios in the gaming industry as an artist/designer.

I still use Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 to make all my games today. Besides that, I also enjoy making my own music and art. I also enjoy sleep and Pepsi Max.

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